A Purple Cow is something remarkable

“Remarkable” simply means that a customer is willing to make a remark about it. If you can create remarkable products, people will talk about them. If that happens, the word will spread and your sales will grow. That explains the success of most every fast-growing company of the last ten years.

-Seth Godin, The Purple Cow

Are you invisible or remarkable?

Who We Are



We are about marketing. We bring it to the forefront of our clients’ businesses. We strategise, innovate and offer fresh perspectives. Our key differences to our competitors are sharp insight and effective implementation.

Our clients understand marketing, it’s importance and the need for IMS. They are passionate about about what they do, not merely chasing the money.

Experts in our field, we are utterly integrated into the teams of our clients, their satellite marketing office.  We achieve brand harmony within and outside our clients’ organisations. The marketing focus we bring to our clients ensures their brand essence is communicated through all they do.


We are economically efficient and responsible.
We have integrity, commitment and look for opportunities to get involved.
We are bold.
We are courageous.
We are remarkable.
We have fun and love what we do.

Our Work


Meet The Team


Karren Hodgkins

Karren Hodgkins

Brand Strategist & Managing Member

Strategy and brand story creation is my passion. I love to create the architecture and the structure behind the implementation to ensure it has the most impact, best aligns with the vision for the brand and eloquently communicates to the target market. I also enjoy copywriting.

Kel Hodgkins

Kel Hodgkins

Brand Strategist & Member

I have been passionate about marketing since a young age and particularly enjoy strategising, creative direction and social media. Understanding the client’s target market well enough to speak their language and win them over is a favourite too.

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