What we Offer

Our Approach

What Is Our Focus?

We like to start the discussion by asking the question, “What is it you are looking to achieve with your business and what time frame have you set to achieve it?” as from here we can look to explore how your marketing effort will dovetail with this to achieve these goals.

Why Be Remarkable?

Because your business doesn’t operate in isolation, we believe better understanding the dynamics of the market environment including reviewing your competitors is time well spent. This analysis allows us to explore just what it is different about your business which ensures you don’t sound like everyone else and helps us to craft stronger motivational arguments. Messages based will be more specific and more effective, resonating with prospects and encouraging them to connect. They will understand how you are different, and just what it is that makes you remarkable.

Why Invest In Building The Brand?

We all admire great brands, the ones we use as a point of reference, the one we buy from without even a second thought because we know exactly what to expect.  They add value to our lives and we are happy to refer others to them as well. These brands are authentic, they are consistent and may have taken years, sometimes decades to achieve the recognition they now enjoy.  Building the brand requires we develop the story and visual elements and that we also deliver what we promise.  The brand story is the refined, well-worded version of the brand’s remarkable characteristics that communicate how we stand out.  Each of the brand’s visual elements is part of the brand story so we will work with you to ensure the brand image is applied across media in a way in which it appears visually strong and is associated with the story we have created.  Crafting your brand story creates the foundation upon which we build everything else.

Who Will We Target?

The most cost effective marketing recognises the relationships already in place, and we can learn a lot from the current customers and then look to expand our prospecting effort from this base. In many instances, we are looking for ‘more of the same’ in order to grow our businesses.  Where we need to direct the marketing efforts to a range of audiences, tailoring the offering and adjusting the emphasis and the message for each audience increases the WORD and so too its effectiveness increasing the likelihood of them paying attention and action. Every initiative requires resources (financial and human) and so assessing the potential of each and prioritising these target markets allows us to pick low hanging fruit and maximise our impact, i.e.: a better return on your investment.

What Will We Do?

We will champion the market and customer-focused perspective within your business. You will have access to the depth of expertise that includes strategic thinking and conceptualizing as well as the day-to-day implementation of promotional social media drives. We will work with you and your team to build the brand story, compile the strategic marketing plan and implement the appropriate strategies and activities We can complement the current marketing effort or provide a complete marketing solution.

We are able to assist you with your marketing, in whatever form suits your need. As our approach is flexible, we work alongside you agreeing your marketing requirement and using our exposure and involvement in many markets and across many brands to inform decisions and give you the benefit of our expertise. We are catalysts for change. We bring you a fresh perspective. Where necessary we work with other specialists who are experts in their fields (in web design, signage, printing, photography etc) We focus on creating a seamless experience, on building the brand story across a range of media consistently. This will improve the markets’ understanding of what they can expect and should result in a better quality of prospect.

We love to be members of the teams that are committed to building Remarkable brands. We love to lead the marketing effort. Contact us today to make your brand REMARKABLE.

Marketing is for the brave

For those who want their product to be set apart and become the brand that we all admire. For those who have faith in their product and know that their product is great. For those who want to create a strong brand that is resilient in a changing environment.

Great brands are assets…

Assets that stand apart from the ingredients in the products or the equipment used to manufacture it.

Great brands have their own story.They build an irrational, emotional connection to the target audiences and so have the edge when a buying decision is made.

Great brands are built over time. There are no magic wands or crystal ball. there are no short cuts, no quick fix!

Great brands deliver what they promise. There is no smoke, no mirrors!

Great brands work to a plan that guides the marketing effort, the initiatives are prioritised according to objectives set and resources available.

Great brands review the success of their efforts. Analysis is a part of the process.

Great brands search for imaginative insights that will guide further development. They learn. They adapt.

We love to be members of the teams that are committed to building Remarkable brands. We love to lead the marketing effort.