Who We Are

We are about marketing. We bring it to the forefront of our clients’ businesses.

Integrated Marketing Strategies works with you and your team to build the brand story, compile the strategic marketing plan and implement the appropriate strategies and activities, while taking into account your relationship with the market and your current business circumstances.

We are a satellite marketing office.

Quite often a marketing consultant is seen as a person who facilitates strategic meetings, puts together a plan for the company to work and then moves onto the next client.

At Integrated Marketing Strategies we prefer to stay involved developing a relationship with the leadership so that the marketing strategies and activities can be adjusted in line with the organization’s goals and efforts take into account a changing environment and ensure you are increasingly effective in the marketplace. We will work as part of your team, we have your best interests at heart, maintaining your confidences and acting with integrity.

At Integrated Marketing Strategies we build brand stories,develop and implement marketing plans and marketing projects including briefing and managing specialists such as the design agency, photographer, printers, signage companies etc. as required.

We strategise, innovate and offer fresh perspectives.

Integrated Marketing Strategies is, in fact, able to assist you with your marketing, in whatever form suits your need. As our approach is flexible, we work alongside you agreeing your marketing requirement and using our exposure and involvement in many markets and across many brands to inform decisions and give you the benefit of our expertise. We are catalysts for change. We bring you a fresh perspective.

We achieve brand harmony within and outside our clients organisations.

You will therefore have increased confidence from knowing that you have the appropriate marketing solutions to your present and future business needs because Integrated Marketing Strategies understands your business, your circumstances and has helped you plan for the future.

Our Team